Saturday, June 20, 2009

Intercession for North Korea

A few months ago the Lord gave me a heavy burden to pray for North Korea through a dream, in which the dictator of that country was assuming control over the whole world. This had been the first time He called me to pray for such a large subject in such a way. Last night I had another dream, which in many ways was a repeat of the first one.

In the interim I have been reading up some on North Korea and following the latest news developments on the Internet. NK is quite possibly the most oppressive country in the world. Millions of people have starved to death, millions languish in labor camps. Only the elite lives well. Christianity is outlawed, of course, and unspeakable things are done to those who are caught and refuse to worship the leader.

Now it seems NK is on a direct collision course with the United States. Did you notice that they detonated their atomic bomb on Memorial Day? No coincidence, I believe. Their missiles can reach Alaska, including the oil fields. The latest threat is the firing of a missile towards Hawaii on July 4th, a threat that the US is taking seriously enough to deploy a missile interceptor system to protect Hawaii. Why haven't we heard this in the news? It's in newspapers on the West coast, where NK can reach within 3-4 years. By the way, they also have a large arsenal of biological and chemical weapons and a huge standing army.

Please join me in praying -- our seventh spiritual weapon. Pray in the spirit above all, and let me know if the Lord shows you more concrete ways to pray.

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  1. It is awesome God gave you this dream to pray about North Korea. I have been concerned about the happenings there too. And I feel if they hit us or one of our allies, like South Korea we may be in for WW 3.
    Lord I pray right now that you would disarm this country, which is run by an evil man. Lord that you might even bring disagreement among its leaders causing a split that would take the present leaders out of control. Thank you Lord that you can turn the minds of even kings. In the Name Of Jesus.
    I have been wondering about what is happening in Iran these past days and pray that the current leaders are ousted also. And leaders who are not in favor of terrorism would rule.
    There seems to be a shaking going on in the world. Kind of reminds me of when the wall went down in East Germany and the Red Curtain went with it. But there are still some nasty things going on in the countries that were in the former Soviet Union.
    As Jesus said to his disciples, Pray and watch.